1) Never offer anything that is available somewhere else. 2) Never sell the same club twice.

“From day one in January 2015, our purpose was to transform online golf retailing by creating a company founded on both celebrating, and adhering to individuality.  In other words, I wanted to turn stock golf clubs into extraordinary works of art that were as unique as the person swinging them.   I wanted to make golf clubs truly personal and intimate.  Thing was, I didn’t even know how to grip a club at the time.  But I did know an online golf retailer founded on these principals was desperately needed.

For 9 months, my founding partner and I tinkered in my basement on cheap used wedges, spending thousands of hours perfecting our craft.  During this time, we created an Instagram page with the username @SickSticksGolf, and began posting pictures of what we made.  Before we knew it, we had requests for custom wedges coming in from virtually every continent, and every state in the U.S.   With this positivity behind us, we put some personal money down, and officially incorporated as Sick Sticks Golf LLC in September 2015.

Since this time, @SickSticksGolf has organically grown to over 20,000 followers from all over the world.  Our clientele is incredibly diverse.  We have built clubs for high profile celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson, professional athletes such as NBA All-Star Deron Williams, NHL players, MLB players, several Instagram accounts with over 100,000 followers, business leaders and executives, mini-tour players, and thousands of every day men and women who just want their clubs to be truly personal. ”

-Corey Paul
CEO & Co-Founder